Antimonument Sculpture for Webpage
Title: No Longer ,2011 (c)
Medium: crushed and bronzed coated auto body parts, cast silicone, urethane, clothes, light fixtures
Dimensions: 48”w x 92”h x 32”d
Photo Credit: Photo on the left is by Connie Wilson of Connie Wilson Design.

About the Sculpture:

The sculpture is really an "anti-monument" in many respects. Monuments usually depict strength, valor, beauty, and durability. This "monument" depicts damage, fragility, sorrow, and, most of all, inadequacy -- both in the design and materials used. Like the feelings conjured up by the typical monuments, the feelings I perceive when looking at this sculpture are common to the human experience - an experience that I believe exists beyond the purely physical. In this respect, I see beauty and hope - a restorative, supernatural kind.

Although I made, titled, and displayed this sculpture before his death, I want to dedicate this piece, after the fact, to David Cooley (1970-2011), my uncle and the person with the most creative intellect I have ever known.

About the Artist:

matthew j clark is an installation artist and sculptor.

Clark’s “projects,” while utilizing humor, speak the language of conflict – a conflict between perception and reality, between seeing and believing, between thought and action. In this regard, his objects are “confrontational” distortions and exaggerations of ideas and their underlying assumptions which cannot easily be compartmentalized. They interrupt our everyday in a surreal but amusing way, encouraging us to ask, “Am I sure?”


Matthew is represented by the Moberg Gallery.

Matthew was named in CityView as the “ARTIST OF THE YEAR” for 2009. Also, his “Twisted Words” show was named “Exhibition of the Year” in the non-traditional venue category. Here is a link to the article. CityView Article. He was also named in March by the same publication as one of the "TOP TEN BREAKTHROUGH ARTISTS" of the previous decade.

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